Andrea Calestani Photographer


The boldness of that cantilevered bridge over the Bosphorus, from one bank of two continents to the other, is the exact symbol of the soul of the city: “here is the city” as Greek etymology teaches. A bridge city between cultures, religions, morals and trade. Between East and West. For us as the history books had taught us to call it: Constantinople. A place of many meanings, where History has never been thrifty of facts and events.

In 2015, when I had the opportunity, I enthusiastically accepted that exploration. That was one of the many elsewhere longed for, imagined without ever having the sufficient will to extract it from the useless fantasizing, to quiet that little bit of Ulysses that is in each one of us.

Agia Sophia, Grand Bazaar, Galata are certainly just some of the essential passages to understand a bit of the history, geography and life of the place; certainly inadequate. You should live in Istanbul to adequately witness that meeting between worlds. I tried to search for and photograph its cosmopolitan and proud people. But even in that case the portfolio would have become excessively voluminous.

To portray Istanbul, I used an iPhone. I had purchased it a few months earlier and I wanted to try it as a “camera”. I have never given too much importance to the technique (technology) of shooting my photographs, always applying the criteria and those few basic concepts experimented in the analogical era. But the greater agility and practicality for taking photographs intrigued me.

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