Andrea Calestani Photographer


“BERLINER MAUER”: The Berlin Wall. I wanted to see it, touch it. What remained of it, the ruins, twenty-two years after its demolition; Deep down, that was the purpose of the trip. Or perhaps just a way to reflect myself in the zeitgeist, what could have been the passage through the history of a place full of meanings, identities of opposing doctrines. For our generation, the totem of free people; of a before and after of the world described in history books, onto which each one of us has been able to project some of our own utopias. A plastic representation of geopolitics, even thow that wasn’t it what we called it in those days. And with one photograph in particular I wanted to pay homage to those who looked out on that breach in the Wall on the evening of November 9, 1989. Those wild eyes, a radiant face, the impression of being the creators of a new world order.

Having calmed down the historical testimony, walking through its streets, then the redemption of the “Neue Stadt” appeared to me. Of the museum island. Memorials as a perpetual reminder. Improvised hipster bands. Of the markets and the “currywürst“. Of the zoo of the same name, also fixed in our mind by that film. The modern “Einkaufszentrum”. And the artistic navel of multicultural Berlin in Kreuzberg among the ruins of the last, old houses still in ruins from the last war, with the walls transfigured by multicolored “murals“.

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