Andrea Calestani Photographer

Nord Europe 1979

The dream of the travelling soul come true. A motion in a timeless place. Simply dreamed destinations. Where we would arrive in the evening, and where and what there would be the next day was not known.

That summer of 1979 was exactly like that. A long easy-rider trip through Northern Europe. Like the film: two friends astride their motorcycles and a camera. Leaving behind everything else in the world other than the kilometres to be gained in front of our wind-shields.

The photographic kit minimised due to the little space available for the necessary luggage. That was the occasion that I used an authentic jewel of photographic technology of the time: a MINOX 35 EL.

Compact like a packet of cigarettes, it was loaded with normal 35mm film. The fixed lens corresponded to a medium wide angle.

A way of approaching my subjects that I have always considered peculiar for the visibility of the details they tell, or for giving harmony and depth to the scenes I was looking at.

Norway, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, France: we traversed more than five thousand kilometres. Everyone, from first to last, adventurous, unpredictable and suffered.

We intertwined speeches with a thousand characters; and a street friend with a Polaroid camera. We explored every street and village we came across. Often without considering maps and road maps, but simply following the horizon in front of us.

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